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2017: A Year in Review


Imagine a city that integrates cool design into everything down to the bathrooms. I spent most of the year living in Melbourne, Australia, one of the most design-centered cities I've ever lived in. Some of my new favorite brands: Adairs Kids (pictured right), Cotton On Kids, Typo, Gorman, Kmart (which is not even close to the American Kmart!) Perhaps a highlight of the year was White Night, a night long festival where lights are projected onto city buildings to create amazing animations. The eye, teeth, and trees in this photo are made by light on the architectural features of the building.



Late in 2016, Caboodle asked me to create a full page spread for their Spring Summer 17 issue. I got my hands on the beautiful magazine in February this year.



I met the ladies of my art collective, Pencil Parade, for the first time in person while attending Blue Print with Pencil Parade. My first trade show was a great experience and I'm excited to return in 2018. 

I also helped with the Blue Print social media, specifically the instagram account.  I'm helping out this year with the instagram as well. (Keep an eye out on instagram stories for some fun art!).

Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 5.40.47 PM.png
Blue Print Booth

I moved to Portland Oregon

I worked with Lisa Congdon

I sold a bunch of art.

I had my first diaper collection come out

I put out Photoshop for Painters