Making a Living as an Artist

A fun, practical, and comprehensive guide to making money as an artist. Learn the different kind of work artists can do, how you can stand out from the crowd and understanding why people buy from you. We’ll cover goal setting, staying motivated, and creating systems to make your business run smoothly. We’ll talk about where you can find clients and marketing tips. We’ll dive into the different ways to maximize your profit, pricing, contracts, and 18 tips for negotiating.

Intro to Procreate: Illustrating on the iPad

Procreate is deceptively simple: There are lots of hidden gestures and shortcuts inside of Procreate. They’re all hidden so that when you’re drawing in the app, it just feels like your drawing. But that means many people don’t know these shortcuts! This class is great for beginners and advanced users alike.


Procreate and Real Watercolors: Combining Traditional and Digital Mediums

Who says you have to choose one or the other: the iPad or painting with watercolors? In this class I share how to take advantage of both digital and traditional mediums and combine them. I share tips for using your iPad to create better watercolor paintings, masking techniques in Procreate, and how to blend both styles together.


Photoshop for Painters


Photoshop for Painters

Photoshop for Painters is a class for artists who paint traditionally. It teaches you to bring your hand painted art into Photoshop to remove backgrounds and change colors. There's easy to understand explanations of how to get good quality images (including DPI/resolution) and much more.

Free Classes from Photoshop for Painters

Get a taste of Photoshop for Painters with some sample lessons! We cover how to keep your art looking vibrant, a unique way of safely removing parts of your painting, and shortcuts to help you move around Photoshop more easily.


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